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cupsfilter(8)			  Apple Inc.			 cupsfilter(8)

       cupsfilter - convert a file to another format using cups filters

       cupsfilter  [ -D ] [ -U user ] [ -c config-file ] [ -d printer ] [ -e ]
       [ -i mime/type ] [ -j job-id[,N] ] [ -m mime/type ] [ -n copies ] [  -o
       name=value ] [ -p filename.ppd ] [ -t title ] [ -u ] filename

       cupsfilter is a front-end to the CUPS filter subsystem which allows you
       to convert a file to a specific format, just as if you had printed  the
       file through CUPS. By default, cupsfilter generates a PDF file.

	    Delete the input file after conversion.

       -U user
	    Specifies  the  username passed to the filters. The default is the
	    name of the current user.

       -c config-file
	    Uses the named cupsd.conf configuration file.

       -d printer
	    Uses information from the named printer.

	    Use every filter from the PPD file.

       -i mime/type
	    Specifies the source file type. The default file type  is  guessed
	    using the filename and contents of the file.

       -j job-id[,N]
	    Converts document N from the specified job. If N is omitted, docu‐
	    ment 1 is converted.

       -m mime/type
	    Specifies the destination file type.  The  default	file  type  is
	    application/pdf.  Use printer/foo to convert to the printer format
	    defined by the filters in the PPD file.

       -n copies
	    Specifies the number of copies to generate.

       -o name=value
	    Specifies options to pass to the CUPS filters.

       -p filename.ppd
	    Specifies the PPD file to use.

       -t title
	    Specifies the document title.

	    Delete the PPD file after conversion.


       Copyright 2007-2013 by Apple Inc.

20 June 2012			     CUPS			 cupsfilter(8)

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