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depothelper(1)							depothelper(1)

       depothelper  - List, download, install or uninstall HP-UX archive pack‐
       age and dependency depots easily

       depothelper     [-?|-h]	   [-a architecture]	  [-c cache_directory]
       [-e expiry_days]	   [-f]	  [-i]	 [-l [package[-version] [package[-ver‐
       sion]...]]   [-n]  [-o os_version]   [-p ftp_proxy_host:ftp_proxy_port]
       [-r] [-u] package[-version] [package[-version]...]

       depothelper  assists  in	 the listing, download, installation and unin‐
       stallation of package depots and their dependencies from the HP-UX  ar‐
       chive. Anything downloaded will be cached (for 3 months by default) and
       the cached version will be used in preference for  future  runs.	 Simi‐
       larly,  depothelper  will  skip installing packages if they are already
       installed, although the download cache and  installation	 skip  can  be
       bypassed if the -f option is supplied.

       If  depothelper is run on a machine with no direct internet connection,
       then the -p option can specify an FTP proxy host and port, although  be
       aware  that  this  should be a "true" FTP proxy (e.g. ftpproxy) and not
       just Squid handling ftp://-style requests.

       Multiple packages, with or without their version numbers, can be speci‐
       fied  on the command line. In this case, all dependencies of all speci‐
       fied packages are cumulatively calculated, downloaded and installed via
       swinstall first, followed by the specified packages. The -u option will
       do the reverse of this (i.e.  uninstall	the  parents  specified	 using
       swremove and then uninstall their dependencies, if possible).

       The following options are recognised:

	      -? or -h
		     Display a syntax usage message.

	      -a architecture
		     By	 default,  depothelper	will  assume  that  downloaded
		     depots will be for the same architecture as  the  machine
		     on	 which	it  is	run.  If  this needs to be overridden,
		     "hppa" (PA-RISC) or "ia64" (Itanium 2) can	 be  specified
		     as	 the  preferred architecture. If a different architec‐
		     ture  from	 the  machine  it  is  run  on	is  specified,
		     depothelper will also switch on the -n option (no instal‐
		     lation) automatically.

	      -c cache_directory
		     depothelper    caches    downloaded    files    in	   the
		     /usr/local/lib/depothelper directory by default. Use this
		     -c option to override the cache directory setting.

	      -e expiry_days
		     Downloaded depots are  usually  stored  for  93  days  (3
		     months) before being deleted. This can be overridden with
		     the -e option and specifying "-e 0" will therefore effec‐
		     tively disable the cache.

	      -f     depothelper  normally will not download any depot that is
		     cached or install any  depot  that's  already  installed.
		     However,  if  -f is supplied, it will always download all
		     depots and install them all, regardless of the  state  of
		     the cache or the depots already installed.

	      -l [package[-version]...]
		     If	 just the -l option is supplied, depothelper will dis‐
		     play a list of all installed packages and their dependen‐
		     cies. If one or more packages are specified with -l, then
		     those packages and their  dependencies  will  be  listed,
		     regardless as to whether they are installed or not.

	      -n     Specifying	 this  option  will  skip  the installation of
		     depots i.e. they will be downloaded if necessary, but not
		     installed.	 This  is  useful if one HP-UX box needs to be
		     used to download packages to install  another  HP-UX  box
		     (use  -a  and  -o	to  specify the architecture/OS of the
		     other box if it's different). Tip: Make the cache	direc‐
		     tory  available via NFS to other machines. That way, when
		     one machine downloads the depots with  "depothelper  -n",
		     the other(s) can install them later on with "depothelper"
		     as well.  If -n and -u are both specified, then a list of
		     depots  to	 be uninstalled will be shown instead of unin‐
		     stalling them.

	      -o os_version
		     By	 default,  depothelper	will  assume  that  downloaded
		     depots  will be for the same OS version as the machine on
		     which it is run. If this needs to be  overridden,	11.11,
		     11.23  or 11.31 can be specified as the preferred OS ver‐
		     sion.  If a different OS version from the machine	it  is
		     run  on is specified, depothelper will also switch on the
		     -n option (no installation) automatically.

	      -p ftp_proxy_host:ftp_proxy_port
		     If the machine depothelper	 is  run  on  doesn't  have  a
		     direct internet connection, then an FTP proxy can be used
		     to download depots. This is specified as as an FTP	 proxy
		     server's host and port, separated by a colin. Please note
		     that this should be a "true" FTP proxy server (e.g.  ftp‐
		     proxy) and not just Squid handling ftp://-style requests.

	      -r     Any  depot	 that  is successfully installed will have its
		     equivalent cache file deleted as well if this  option  is

	      -u     Using this option will attempt to uninstall the specified
		     packages using swremove and, if possible, uninstall their
		     dependencies  too.	 The  parent packages specified on the
		     command line will	be  uninstalled	 first	and  then  any
		     dependencies  which  have	none  of  their	 parents still
		     installed will be uninstalled afterwards.	If -n  and  -u
		     are  both	specified,  then  a list of depots to be unin‐
		     stalled will be shown instead of uninstalling them.

       Successful execution of depothelper returns 0, but  it  fails  it  will
       return a value of 1, with an appropriate error message sent to stderr.

       There  may  be  a  bug with the "swlist" command when specified with no
       options on the  Itanium	11.23  platform	 (yes,	even  with  PHCO_38149
       installed)  - it seems to fail to list all the archive depots installed
       and this in turn may cause unnecessary re-installation of  some	depots
       on that platform when depothelper is run. This doesn't happen on any of
       the other platforms that depothelper supports.

       depothelper only currently runs on HP-UX i.e. you can't use, say, Linux
       to  download  and  cache	 depots	 with  it. This may change in a future

       Richard K. Lloyd	   <>


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