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dlmodadd(3C)							  dlmodadd(3C)

       dlmodadd() - register information about dynamically generated functions

       [flag]...  file...  [library]...

       registers information about a dynamically generated function, which can
       be retrived through The interface can be used to remove the  registered

       associate_handle is the module handle for an existing module with which
       the new function is associated.	When the dynamic loader is called from
       the  new	 function,  it	will  behave as if it had been called from the
       associated module.  This handle must be a handle returned by or

       func_start is the starting address of the generated  machine  code  for
       the function.  It is NOT the address of a function descriptor.

       func_size is the size, in bytes, of the generated machine code.

       linkage_ptr  is	the gp (global pointer) value to be used for the func‐
       tion.  It could be the gp of the associated module.  It must be set  to
       a  valid	 value, even if the generated code doesn't actually use gp, as
       it is required at a  minimum  for  following  the  personality  routine
       pointer in the unwind information.

       unwind_info  is a pointer to the beginning of the unwind info block for
       the function.  The unwind info block contains the header	 word,	unwind
       descriptors,  personality  routine pointer, and language-specific data,
       as described in the Itanium-based system document.

       When is invoked to register information about a	dynamically  generated
       function,  the  dynamic	loader	creates an unwind header and a single-
       entry unwind table for the function.  The unwind header	is  associated
       with  the address range occupied by the dynamically generated function.
       The routine returns a handle as identification of the newly-added func‐
       tion.  Handles returned by share the same namespace as handles returned
       by and but they may not be used in calls to or If  is  called  with  an
       ip_value	 that  belongs	to a function that has been registered with it
       returns the associate_handle specified during invocation. If a  library
       is  unloaded by the unwind info for all dynamically generated functions
       associated with the library being unloaded is also removed.

       This routine is thread-safe.

       If successful, returns a handle as identification  of  the  newly-added
       function.  NULL is returned otherwise.

       If fails, a subsequent call to returns one of the following values:
	      Out of memory.

	      Cannot apply relocation in library.

	      failed on entry to

	      failed on exit from

		     argument .

	      failed on entry to or exit from

       was developed by HP.

       ld(1),	dlclose(3C),   dlerrno(3C),   dlerror(3C),  dlget(3C),	dlmod‐
       remove(3C), dlopen(3C), dlsym(3C), a.out(4), dld.so(5).

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       (See		 manuals(5) for ordering information)


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