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dlmodinfo(3C)							 dlmodinfo(3C)

       dlmodinfo()  -  retrieve	 information about a loaded module (program or
       shared library)

       [flag]...  file...  [library]...

       uint64_t dlmodinfo(uint64_t ip_value,
			  struct load_module_desc *desc,
			  size_t desc_size,
			  void *(*read_tgt_mem)(void* buffer,
						uint64_t ptr,
						size_t bufsiz,
						int ident),
			  int ident_parm,
			  uint64_t load_map_parm);

   Multithread Usage
       Thread safe in but not in

       is one of a family of routines that give the user direct access to  the
       dynamic	linking facilities.  retrieves information about a loaded mod‐
       ule from a given address value.	searches  all  currently  loaded  load
       modules looking for a load module whose address range (address range of
       all loaded segments) holds the given address value.  The routine	 fills
       the load_module_desc with information from the matching load module.

       ip_value is the instruction pointer value of the requested library.  If
       the value is NULL, then desc contains the module info of itself.	  desc
       is  a  buffer  of  memory  allocated  by the user program.  The dynamic
       loader fills this in with module information.  desc_size is the size in
       bytes of the desc buffer.  read_tgt_mem is a pointer to a function used
       by to retrieve needed information.  If the value is NULL,  the  dynamic
       loader  uses  its own internal data structures to find the correct load
       module and the following two parameters are ignored.
	      ident_parm  Is  only  used  to  pass  the	 fourth	 parameter  to

		     Is	 only used when calling through read_tgt_mem.  It con‐
		     tains the starting address of the load map.

       Otherwise, the function pointer is  used	 to  read  memory  during  its
       search, using these parameters:
	      buffer a buffer supplied by to read into

	      ptr    the virtual memory address to read from

	      bufsiz the size of buffer in bytes

	      ident  the value of the ident_parm parameter to

       On  success,  read_tgt_mem  returns  the value of its buffer parameter,
       otherwise, it returns NULL.  read_tgt_mem allows to find a load	module
       in  one	process	 on  behalf  of another.  The calling process passes a
       callback via read_tgt_mem in  order  to	read  memory  in  a  different
       process	address	 space	from  the  one	in  which  resides.  ip_value,
       load_map_parm, and ptr from read_tgt_mem can be pointers to objects  in
       another	process.   For example, when a 32-bit program wants to enquire
       about a 64-bit program, the ip_value and load_map_parm should be 64-bit
       values.	 Any  32-bit  pointers	should be typecasted to 64 bits by the
       user program when passed in the ip_value or load_map_parm parameters.

       If  the	calling	 process  calls	 with  a   callback   registered   via
       read_tgt_mem,  it  must	supply	the  starting  address	of  the target
       process' load map  in  the  load_map_parm  parameter  to	 This  can  be
       retrieved by using the dynamic table entry in the target program file.

       A  cross-process	 load module operation can be done via for example, by
       issuing a call to

       If successful, returns a handle for the shared library  as  defined  by
       the  return  value  from NULL is returned otherwise.  The return values
       are type-converted to

       If fails, a subsequent call to returns one of the following values:
	      Cannot apply relocation in library.

	      Invalid address.

	      Invalid descriptor argument

	      Invalid descriptor version.

	      Out of memory.

	      failed in reading target memory.

	      failed on entry to or exit from

	      failed on exit from

	      failed on entry to

       was developed by HP.

   System Tools
       exec(2)		 System loader.
       ld(1)		 Invokes the link editor.

       a.out(4)		 Assembler, compiler, and linker output.
       dlclose(3C)	 Unloads a shared library previously loaded by
       dlerror(3C)	 Returns the last error message recorded by
       dlerrno(3C)	 Returns an error code for the last error recorded by
       dlget(3C)	 Returns information about a loaded module.
       dlgetname(3C)	 Returns the name of the  storage  containing  a  load
       dlopen(3C)	 Loads a shared library.
       dlsym(3C)	 Gets the address of a symbol in a shared library.

   Texts and Tutorials
       (See the		 option)
       (See		 manuals(5) for ordering information)

			     ELF Applications Only		 dlmodinfo(3C)

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