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dthello(1)		 USER COMMANDS		       dthello(1)

     dthello - TED login transitional greeting

     dthello [ -display	 <display>  ]  [  -fground  <color>  ]	[
     -bground <color> ] [ -fnt <fontname> ] [ -string <message> ]
     [ -file <filename> ] [ -timeout <seconds> ]

     The dthello client provides transition visuals from the  end
     of	 login	to  the start of the window manager in the user's
     session.  Upon invocation, the dthello client will create an
     override-redirect	window	the  size ofthe screen and draw a
     specified message on it. At the same time, a 1x1  window  is
     created  that  will be picked up by the window manager. When
     the window manager reparents the little window  (an  indica-
     tion  that	 the  window  manager  has started), this program
     exits.  The message may be specified on the command line, or
     in a text file.

     NOTE: The dthello client is designed to be	 started  by  the
     system and is not intended to be started directly by users.

     -display display Display id.
     -fground color Foreground color.

     -bground color Background color.
     -fnt fontname Font.

     -string message String to be displayed in window.
     -file  filename  Text  file  name	whose  contents	 will  be
     displayed in window. This option may be specified up to five

     -timeout seconds Number of seconds before giving up  on  the
     window manager and terminating.

      Exit values are:

     0		    Successful completion.

     >0		    Error condition occured.

     dthello -string Welcome to the Deskop Transition window will
     contain this message.

     NOTE:  Resources  should  be  prefaced   with   the   string
     "Dthello*"	 when specified. Resources should be specified in
     the Dthello app-defaults file.

Unix System LaboratoLast change: 1 August 1995			1

dthello(1)		 USER COMMANDS		       dthello(1)

	      Name	    Class	 Type	   Default
	   vbackground	 Vbackground   Pixel	  dynamic
	   vforeground	 Vforeground   Pixel	  dynamic
	   vfont	 Vfont	       FontList	  dynamic
	   string	 String	       String	  .........
	   file		 File	       String	  NULL
	   timeout	 Timeout       Integer	  240

     Specifes the background color for the transition message.

     Specifes the foreground color for the transition message.

     Specifes the font to use for the transition message.

     Specifes the text to use in the transition message.

     Specifies a file whose contents is to be displayed in  addi-
     tion to the transition message.  Only one file may be speci-

     Number of seconds before giving up on the window manager and

Unix System LaboratoLast change: 1 August 1995			2

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