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dup2(2)								       dup2(2)

       dup2 - duplicate an open file descriptor to a specific slot

       fildes is a file descriptor obtained from a or system call.

       fildes2	is  a non-negative integer less than the maximum value allowed
       for file descriptors.

       causes fildes2 to refer to the same file as fildes.  If fildes2	refers
       to an already open file, the open file is closed first.

       The  file  descriptor  returned	by  has	 the  following in common with

	      ·	 Same open file (or pipe).

	      ·	 Same file pointer (that is, both file descriptors  share  one
		 file pointer.)

	      ·	 Same access mode (read, write or read/write).

	      ·	 Same file status flags (see fcntl(2),

       The new file descriptor is set to remain open across system calls.  See

       This routine is found in the C library.	Programs using but  not	 using
       other  routines	from  the  Berkeley importability library (such as the
       routines described in bsdproc(3C)) should not give the option to ld(1).

       Upon successful completion, returns the new file descriptor as  a  non-
       negative	 integer, fildes2.  Otherwise, it returns −1 and sets to indi‐
       cate the error.

       fails if the following is true:

	      fildes	     is not a valid open file descriptor or fildes2 is
			     not in the range of legal file descriptors.

	      An attempt to close
			     fildes2 was interrupted by a signal.  The file is
			     still open.

       A multithreaded application or an application with a signal handler can
       exhibit	a  race	 between  on  one  thread and another kernel call that
       assigns a new file descriptor while running on a second thread or  sig‐
       nal  handler.   If  fildes2 is free before the call was made, the other
       thread or signal handler may win the race and acquire  that  descriptor
       (e.g.,  in  an  call).  The thread calling can then close this file and
       reuse the descriptor.  This results in  multiple	 functions  improperly
       referring to the same file.

       This  race can be avoided either by ensuring that fildes2 references an
       open file before calling or by providing user-level synchronization (or
       signal  disabling)  which makes sure that the thread and another thread
       or signal handler don't make competing calls into  the  kernel  at  the
       same time.

       close(2), creat(2), dup(2), exec(2), fcntl(2), open(2), pipe(2), privi‐


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