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EF(4)			 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual			 EF(4)

     ef — pseudo-device driver providing support for multiple Ethernet frame

     device ef

     The ef pseudo-device driver clones each Ethernet type device with four
     additional interfaces.  Each of them is capable to send or receive only
     one predefined frame type.

     Names for the new interfaces are created by adding a fN suffix to an
     existing device name.  Where N is a device unit which can have one of the
     following values:

	   0	 interface with an Ethernet_II frame
	   1	 interface with a Novell Ethernet_802.3 frame
	   2	 interface with an Ethernet_802.2 frame
	   3	 interface with an Ethernet_802.2/SNAP frame support.

     For example, device ed0 will be populated with four devices: ed0f0,
     ed0f1, ed0f2 and ed0f3.

     After that, each device can be configured as usual:
	   # ifconfig ed0f1 ipx 0x105
     This will configure IPX protocol with network number 0x105 and
     Ethernet_802.3 frame type.

     Please note that it is impossible to configure the IPX protocol on the
     parent ed0 device after the if_ef.ko driver has been loaded.

     If the parent interface is not configured for any other protocol (IP for
     example), subinterfaces will not function.	 To avoid that, the parent
     interface should be manually marked as “up”:
	   # ifconfig ed0 up

     The ef driver can be loaded via the loader.conf(5) file:

     In this case, ordinary interface configuration commands can be used in
     the rc.conf(5) file:
	   network_interfaces="ed2 lo0 tun0 ed2f0 ed2f1"
	   ifconfig_ed2f0_ipx="ipx 0x101"
	   ifconfig_ed2f1_ipx="ipx 0x102"


     Avoid to configure the parent Ethernet device for the IPX protocol, after
     the ef driver is loaded.

     ipx(3), ifconfig(8)

     Boris Popov ⟨bp@FreeBSD.org⟩.

BSD				 June 20, 1999				   BSD

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