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efi_mkdir(1M)							 efi_mkdir(1M)

       efi_mkdir - make an EFI directory

       devicefile] dirname

       makes an EFI directory.

       The  EFI	 file  system  is based on the FAT file system and used by the
       Itanium-based system BIOS to locate an HP-UX bootloader.	 See efi(4).

       creates directory dirname in the EFI volume  specified  by  devicefile.
       If  dirname  already  exists,  exits with a diagnostic message, and the
       directory is not changed.  If more than one subdirectory	 needs	to  be
       created to make dirname, exits with a diagnostic message and the direc‐
       tory is not changed, unless the option is specified.  dirname should be
       relative	 to the root of the EFI volume specified by devicefile, not to
       an HP-UX file system.

       Options can be used singly or combined in any  order  before  the  file
       names.  The space between option and argument is optional.

       devicefile     is  the device special file of the EFI file system where
		      the directory is to be made.  Without the	 option,  uses
		      the device file specified in the environment variable if
		      it is defined.  The  option  overrides  the  environment

       Create intermediate directories as necessary.

       returns	exit  code 0 if the directory is made successfully.  Otherwise
       it prints a diagnostic message and returns nonzero.

	   0	  Successful completion.
	  >0	  Error condition occurred.

       Create directory in device file which contains an EFI file system:

       Create a directory in device file which contains an  EFI	 file  system,
       when does not exist yet:

       Create a directory in persistent device file (see intro(7)), which con‐
       tains an EFI file system, when does not exist yet:

       was developed by HP.

       efi_cp(1M),  efi_fsinit(1M),  efi_ls(1M),  efi_rm(1M),	efi_rmdir(1M),
       efi(4), intro(7).

			 Itanium(R)-based Systems Only		 efi_mkdir(1M)

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