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ELF_GETARHDR(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual	       ELF_GETARHDR(3)

     elf_getarhdr — retrieve ar(1) header for an archive member

     library “libelf”

     #include <libelf.h>

     Elf_Arhdr *
     elf_getarhdr(Elf *elf);

     The elf_getarhdr() function returns a pointer to an archive member header
     for a descriptor elf.  This descriptor must have been returned by a prior
     call to elf_begin(3), and must be a descriptor for a member inside an
     ar(1) archive.

     Structure Elf_Arhdr includes the following members:

     char * ar_name
	     A pointer to a null terminated string containing the translated
	     name of the archive member.

     char * ar_rawname
	     A pointer to a null terminated string containing the untranslated
	     name for the archive member, including all ar(1) formatting char‐
	     acters and trailing white space.

     time_t ar_date
	     The timestamp associated with the member.

     uid_t ar_uid
	     The uid of the creator of the member.

     gid_t ar_gid
	     The gid of the creator of the member.

     mode_t ar_mode
	     The file mode of the member.

     size_t ar_size
	     The size of the member in bytes.

     This function returns a valid pointer to an Elf_Arhdr structure if suc‐
     cessful, or NULL if an error is encountered.

     Function elf_getarhdr() may fail with the following errors:

     [ELF_E_ARGUMENT]  Argument elf was NULL.

     [ELF_E_ARGUMENT]  Argument elf was not a descriptor for a member of an
		       ar(1) archive.

     elf(3), elf_begin(3), elf_getarsym(3), elf_memory(3)

BSD				August 15, 2006				   BSD

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