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end(3C)								       end(3C)

       end,  edata, etext, __data_start, __text_start - last locations in pro‐


       These names refer neither to routines nor to locations with interesting
       contents.   The	address	 of the symbols and is the first address above
       the program text.  The address of and is the first  address  above  the
       initialized data region.	 The address of and is the first address above
       the uninitialized data region.

       The address of the symbol is the beginning  address  of	the  program's
       data area, and is the beginning address of the program's text area.

       The  linker  defines  these symbols with the appropriate values if they
       are referenced by the program but not defined.  The  linker  issues  an
       error if the user attempts to define or

       When execution begins, the program break (the first location beyond the
       data) coincides with but the program break can be reset by the routines
       of  brk(2),  malloc(3C), standard input/output (stdio(3S)), the profile
       option of cc(1), and so on.  Thus, the current  value  of  the  program
       break should be determined by (see brk(2)).

       In  C,  these  names must look like addresses.  Thus, use instead of to
       access the current value of end.

   System Tools
       cc(1)		   Invoke the HP-UX C compiler

       ld(1)		   Invoke the link editor

       brk(2)		   Change data segment space allocation

       crt0(3)		   Execution startup routine

       malloc(3C)	   Main memory allocator

       stdio(3S)	   Standard buffered input/output stream file package


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