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evmget(1)							     evmget(1)

       evmget - retrieve stored events

       show_template]] filter_expr] sort_spec] channel-list]

       The  command retrieves stored events and outputs them to as EVM events.
       Events are obtained from a configured set of log files and event	 chan‐
       nels,  using  channel-specific  retrieval functions as specified in the
       channel configuration file,

       If the option is specified, automatically starts and  pipes  the	 event
       stream into it, producing a sorted and formatted display of events.  If
       the show_template or sort_spec arguments are  supplied,	these  strings
       are  passed  to	through	 its  own  and	options.   See	evmsort(1) and
       evmshow(1) for more information.

       To review events that are available from	 a  particular	set  of	 event
       channels	 (for  example,	 an  event  channel that retrieves events from
       application logfiles), use the option to specify	 the  channels	to  be
       searched.  This may reduce the overall retrieval time, as it avoids the
       need to search channels in which you have no interest.

       If a channel does not have an keyword defined in its channel configura‐
       tion, then no events are returned for that channel.

       A channel-list is a list of one or more channel names, separated either
       by commas, or if the list is enclosed in quotes, by space or tab	 char‐
       acters.	 Supply	 multiple  channel lists by specifying the option more
       than once.  Use the command to see a list of configured channels.

       Because events may be retrieved from more than one source, there is  no
       guarantee that they returned in any particular order, unless the option
       is used or the output event stream is piped through

       Automatically starts
			   to produce a sorted and formatted  display  of  the
			   retrieved events.

       Terminates after validating the supplied command operands.
			   This	 feature  can be used to check the syntax of a
			   filter expression.

       Outputs only events that match the
			   filter_expr.	 See EvmFilter(5) for  the  syntax  of

       Template string to be passed to
			   if  the option is also specified.  If the option is
			   not	specified,  this  argument  is	ignored.   See
			   evmshow(1)	for  a	description  of	 the  template

       Sort specification string to be passed to
			   if the option is also specified.  If the option  is
			   not	specified, this argument is ignored.  See evm‐
			   sort(1) for a description of	 the  sort  specifica‐

       Specifies  that	events	should	be  retrieved only from channels whose
			   are included in the	channel-list.	Refer  to  the
			   section  for	 more  details	of this option and the
			   syntax of the channel-list.

       The following exit values are returned:

       Successful completion.
       An error occurred.

       ·  The following example uses to retrieve events, automatically	piping
	  the  events  through	and  to produce a sorted and formatted list of

       ·  In the following example, all available  events  are	retrieved  and
	  piped to and for sorting and formatting.  The events are sorted into
	  the default timestamp order, and displayed with the timestamp at the
	  start of each line.

       ·  In  this  example,  only events from the channel are retrieved.  The
	  events are further filtered to display only messages	from  the  EVM
	  daemon's logfile.

       ·  This	example retrieves only events that have a priority value of at
	  least 500.  The raw events  are  sorted  into	 descending  timestamp
	  order and stored in a file.

       ·  This	example uses a stored filter to retrieve all EVM events, sorts
	  them into ascending timestamp order (the default  order),  and  dis‐
	  plays them.

       ·  This	example uses the environment variables to set the sort prefer‐
	  ence and to set the preferred display style and format for the  out‐

       The  command retrieves only events for which the user has access autho‐
       rization.  See evm.auth(4) for details of access authorization.

       The command rejects attempts to output raw events to a terminal device.

       Location of the EVM channel configuration file

       Location of the EVM daemon configuration file

       Definition of the sockets and protocols used for Internet services

       evminfo(1), evmpost(1), evmshow(1), evmsort(1), evmwatch(1).

       evmchannel.conf(4), evmdaemon.conf(4), evmfilterfile(4), services(4).

   Event Management

   EVM Events

   Event Filter


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