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ferror(3S)							    ferror(3S)

       ferror(),   feof(),   clearerr(),  ferror_unlocked(),  feof_unlocked(),
       clearerr_unlocked() - stream status inquiries

   Obsolescent Interfaces
       Returns nonzero when an I/O error
		      has previously occurred reading from or writing  to  the
		      named  stream,  otherwise	 zero.	 Unless	 cleared by or
		      unless the specific  stdio  routine  so  indicates,  the
		      error indication lasts until the stream is closed.

       Returns nonzero
		      when  EOF has previously been detected reading the named
		      input stream, otherwise zero.

       Resets the error indicator and EOF indicator on the named
		      stream to zero.

   Obsolescent Interfaces
       and stream status inquiries.

       All these routines are implemented both as  library  functions  and  as
       macros.	 The macro versions, which are used by default, are defined in
       To obtain the library function, either use a to remove the macro	 defi‐
       nition  or,  if	compiling in ANSI-C mode, enclose the function name in
       parentheses or use the function address.	 The following example	illus‐
       trates each of these methods :

   Reentrant Interfaces
       If is defined before including the locked versions of the library func‐
       tions for and are used by default.

       and are obsolescent interfaces supported only  for  compatibility  with
       existing	 DCE  applications.  New multithreaded applications should use

       open(2), flockfile(3S), fopen(3S), thread_safety(5).


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