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       fonttosfnt - Wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt (TrueType) wrapper

       fonttosfnt [ options ] -o file.ttf [ -- ] font...

       Wrap  a	bitmap	font  or  a set of bitmap fonts in a sfnt (TrueType or
       OpenType) wrapper.

       -v     Be verbose.

       -c     Do not crop glyphs.  This usually increases file size,  but  may
	      sometimes yield a modest decrease in file size for small charac‐
	      ter cell fonts (terminal fonts).

       -b     Write byte-aligned glyph data.  By default,  unaligned  data  is
	      written, which yields a smaller file size.

       -r     Do  not reencode fonts.  By default, fonts are reencoded to Uni‐
	      code whenever possible.

       -g n   Set the type of scalable glyphs that we write.  If n  is	0,  no
	      scalable	glyphs	are  written;  this is legal but confuses most
	      current software.	 If n is 1, a single scalable glyph (the unde‐
	      fined glyph) is written; this is recommended, but triggers a bug
	      in current versions of FreeType.	If n is	 2  (the  default),  a
	      sufficiently  high  number  of  blank  glyphs are written, which
	      works with FreeType but increases file size.

       -m n   Set the type of scalable metrics that we write.  If n is	0,  no
	      scalable metrics are written, which may or may not be legal.  If
	      n is 1, full metrics for a single glyph are  written,  and  only
	      left  sidebearing values are written for the other glyphs.  If n
	      is 2,  scalable  metrics	for  all  glyphs  are  written,	 which
	      increases file size and is not recommended.  The default is 1.

       --     End of options.

       Some  of the font-level values, notably sub- and superscript positions,
       are dummy values.

       X(7), Xserver(1), Xft(3x).  Fonts in X11.

       The version of Fonttosfnt included in this X.Org Foundation release was
       originally  written by Juliusz Chroboczek <> for the
       XFree86 project.

X Version 11		       fonttosfnt 1.0.4			 FONTTOSFNT(1)

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