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putc(3s)							      putc(3s)

       putc, putchar, fputc, putw - put character or word on a stream

       #include <stdio.h>

       int putc(c, stream)
       char c;
       FILE *stream;


       fputc(c, stream)
       FILE *stream

       putw(w, stream)
       FILE *stream;

       The  routine  appends  the  character c to the named output stream.  It
       returns the character written.

       The routine is defined as (c, stdout).

       The routine behaves like but is a genuine function rather than a macro.

       The routine appends word (that is, int) w to  the  output  stream.   It
       returns zero.  The routine neither assumes nor causes special alignment
       in the file.

       Because it is implemented as a macro, treats  a	stream	argument  with
       side effects incorrectly.  In particular, `putc(c, *f++);' doesn't work
       as expected.

       The and functions return the constant EOF  upon	error.	 The  function
       returns a non-zero value on error.

See Also
       fclose(3s), fopen(3s), fread(3s), getc(3s), printf(3s), puts(3s)


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