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fsadm_hfs(1M)							 fsadm_hfs(1M)

       fsadm_hfs: fsadm - HFS file system administration command

       specific_options] special

       The command is designed to perform selected administration tasks on HFS
       file systems.  special is a device file containing  an  unmounted  file

       Only a superuser can invoke

       Specify the HFS file system type.

       Specify a list of comma separated
		      suboptions  and/or keyword/attribute pairs from the list
		      below.  The following specific_options are valid on  HFS
		      file systems.

			   Converts a	  file	system	to  a file system. The
					  file system should be unmounted  and
					  must	 be  in	 a  clean  state  (see
					  fsck(1M)).  A file  system  supports
					  file sizes greater than 2 gigabytes.

			   Converts a	  file	system	to  a file system. The
					  file system should be	 umounted  and
					  must	 be  in	 a  clean  state  (see
					  fsck(1M)).   All  should  be	purged
					  from the file system for the conver‐
					  sion to succeed.

       Echo the completed command line,
		      but perform no other action.  The command line is gener‐
		      ated  by	incorporating  the  user-specified options and
		      other information derived from This  option  allows  the
		      user to verify the command line.

       Error  and  warning  messages  may  originate from and See fsadm(1M) or
       fsck(1M) to interpret the error and warning messages.

       Convert a HFS file system to a HFS file system:

       Convert a HFS file system to a file system:

       Display relevant HFS file system statistics:

       The size of a file system will impact the performance of the command.

       During conversion from largefiles file system to	 a  nolargefiles  file
       system  scans the entire file system for a large file. This functional‐
       ity degrades the performance of the command.

       Static information about the systems

       fsadm(1M), fsadm_vxfs(1M), fsck(1M), fstab(4), fs_wrapper(5).


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