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statvfsdev(3C)							statvfsdev(3C)

       statvfsdev(), fstatvfsdev() - get file system information

       returns	information about the file system on the device file specified
       by path.	 The file system need not be mounted.

       returns similar information for an open file.

       The parameters for the and functions are as follows:

	      path	is a pointer to the name of  the  device  file.	  (All
			directories  listed  in	 the path name must be search‐

	      buf	is a pointer to a structure, which is where  the  file
			status information is stored.

	      fildes	is  a  file descriptor for an open file, which is cre‐
			ated with the successful completion of	an  or	system
			call  (see  open(2),  creat(2),	 dup(2),  fcntl(2), or

       buf is a pointer to a structure into which information is  placed  con‐
       cerning	the  file system.  The contents of the structure pointed to by
       buf are described in statvfs(2).

       returns the same information as above, but about the open  device  file
       referred to by file descriptor fildes.

       Upon successful completion, and return zero.  Otherwise, they return −1
       and set the global variable to indicate the error.

       If fails, is set to one of the following values:

	      Search permission is denied for a component of the path prefix.

	      path		  points to an invalid address.

	      Too many symbolic links are encountered during path-name	trans‐

	      The  maximum  number  of	file descriptors allowed are currently

	      The length of the specified path name exceeds
				  bytes, or the length of a component  of  the
				  path name exceeds bytes while is in effect.

	      The system file table is full.

	      The named file does not exist.

	      A component of the path prefix is not a directory.

	      The device specified by the named special file does not exist.

	      Result would overflow one or more fields of the

       If fails, is set to one of the following values:

	      fildes		  is not a valid open file descriptor.

	      filedes		  is invalid.

       When both and fail, is set to one of the following values:

	      A system call was interrupted by a signal.

	      The file specified by
				  path or filedes does not contain a file sys‐
				  tem of any known type.

	      Check with your system administrator to make sure the
				  is running properly on your system.

       and were developed by HP.

       bdf(1M), df(1M), stat(2), statvfs(2), fgetpos64(3S), thread_safety(5).


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