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fwide(3C)							     fwide(3C)

       fwide() - set stream orientation

       The  function  determines  the  orientation of the stream pointed to by
       stream.	If mode is greater than zero, the function first  attempts  to
       make the stream wide-oriented.  If mode is less than zero, the function
       first attempts to make the stream byte-oriented.	  Otherwise,  mode  is
       zero and the function does not alter the orientation of the stream.

       If  the orientation of the stream has already been determined, does not
       change it.  Because no return value is reserved to indicate  an	error,
       an  application	wishing to check for error situations should set to 0,
       then call then check and	 if  it	 is  non-zero,	assume	an  error  has

       A  call to with mode set to 0 can be used to determine the current ori‐
       entation of a stream.

       The prototype of this function is available  to	applications  if  they

	      a. conformant.

	      b. Compiled with macro with a value >=500.

	      c. Compiled with macro with a value >= 200112.

       The  function returns a value greater than zero if, after the call, the
       stream has wide-orientation, a value less than zero if the  stream  has
       byte-orientation, or zero if the stream has no orientation.

       The function may fail if:

       The	      stream argument is not a valid stream.

       was developed by HP and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

       orientation(5), thread_safety(5).


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