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gda-config(5)			 File Formats			 gda-config(5)

       $(sysconfdir)/libgda/config   -	 libgda	  global  configuration	 file.
       $(HOME)/.libgda/config - libgda user configuration file.

       The config file of libgda is an XML  file.  The	document  starts  with
       <libgda-config>	tag,  which contains sections that hold the configured
       database providers for libgda.

       The values in the global configuration file are overriden by  the  ones
       in the user configuration file.

       Each  <section>	has  a	'path' attribute whose value must be something
       like "/apps/libgda/Datasources/XXXXXXXX", where XXXXXXXX is the name of
       the database backend (i.e., postgres, mysql,...)

       Inside each <section> you can have for <entry> tags with 'name', 'type'
       and 'value' attributes. Valid values for 'name'	are:  Provider,	 User‐
       name,  DSN and Description. 'type' value is always "string" and 'value'
       contains the value for the given 'name'.

       This is a sample file. You may  modify  it  manually,  add/remove  sec‐

	      <?xml version="1.0"?>
		<section path="/apps/libgda/Datasources/postgres">
		  <entry name="Provider" type="string" value="PostgreSQL"/>
		  <entry name="Username" type="string" value="gonzalo"/>
		  <entry name="DSN" type="string"
		  <entry name="Description" type="string"
			 value="Mi favourite provider"/>

       You  can	 also  use gda-config-tool or mergeant (recommended) to modify
       this file.

       mergeant(1), gda-config-tool(1)

libgda				 January 2003			 gda-config(5)

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