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genl-ctrl-list(8)					     genl-ctrl-list(8)

       genl-ctrl-list - List available kernel-side Generic Netlink families

       genl-ctrl-list [-d]

       Queries	the  Generic Netlink controller in kernel and prints a list of
       all registered Generic Netlink families including the  version  of  the
       interface that has been registered.

       -h or --help
	      Print help text to console and exit.

       -v or --version
	      Print versioning information to console and exit.

       -d or --details
	      Include additional detailed information for each Generic Netlink
	      family that is printed.

	      The information includes:

	      hdrsize N
		     The size of the user specific header.

	      maxattr N
		     The maximum Netlink attribute identifier expected by  the

	      op NAME (ID) <FLAGS>
		     A	list  of  available  operations	 including their name,
		     numeric identifier and the flags indicating the capabiliā€
		     ties of the opertion.

		     Available flags:

			    Requires administrative privileges

			    Command can handle request

			    Command can handle a dump request

			    Command enforces attribute validation policy

	      grp NAME (ID)
		     A	list of registered multicast groups including name (if
		     available) and identifier.

		     0x0010 nlctrl version 2
			 hdrsize 0 maxattr 7
			   op GETFAMILY (0x03) <has-doit,has-dump,has-policy>
			   grp notify (0x10)

       $ genl-ctrl-list
       0x0010 nlctrl version 2
       0x0011 NLBL_MGMT version 3
       0x0012 NLBL_CIPSOv4 version 3
       0x0013 NLBL_UNLBL version 3
       0x0014 acpi_event version 1
       0x0015 thermal_event version 1
       0x0016 VFS_DQUOT version 1
       0x0017 TASKSTATS version 1
       0x0018 NET_DM version 2

       Thomas Graf is the original author and current maintainer of libnl  and
       libnl tools. Many people have contributed to it since.

libnl				 20 April 2012		     genl-ctrl-list(8)

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