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getdtablesize(2)					      getdtablesize(2)

       getdtablesize() - get the size of the per-process file descriptor table


       The  function  returns  the maximum number of file descriptors that can
       currently be stored in a process' file descriptor table.	 This  maximum
       number  is  also	 known	as  the	 soft limit for open files, and can be
       adjusted up to the hard limit by calling The entries in the  descriptor
       table are numbered with small integers starting at 0 (zero).

       The  function  returns  the  total  number  of  file descriptors that a
       process can have open simultaneously.  Each process  is	limited	 to  a
       current	maximum	 (soft	limit) and a fixed upper bound (hard limit) of
       open file descriptors.  This limit is at least 32.  The	system-defined
       limits are configurable.	 See the descriptions of the and kernel paramÔÇÉ
       eters in maxfiles_lim(5) and maxfiles(5), respectively, for information
       about  changing	the  system-defined,  per-process  limit  on open file

       The function returns the size of the descriptor table (soft limit), and
       is always successful.

       close(2),  getrlimit(2),	 open(2), select(2), setrlimit(2), sysconf(2),
       maxfiles(5), maxfiles_lim(5).


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