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getmntinfo(3)							 getmntinfo(3)

       getmntinfo, getmntinfo_r - Get information about mounted file systems

       #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/mount.h>

       int getmntinfo(
	       struct statfs **mntbufp,
	       int flags );

       The following obsolete function is supported only for backward compati‐
       bility reasons. You should not  use  it	in  new	 designs.   int	 getm‐
	       struct statfs **mntbufp,
	       int flags,
	       int *mntsizep,
	       int *bufsizep );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Points  to a location to which the getmntinfo function returns an array
       of statfs structures that describe each currently mounted file  system.
       If  you	specify	 an  invalid  address,	[EFAULT] status is returned in
       errno. If you specify NULL, an invalid memory access occurs.  Specifies
       one  of	the following options to be passed transparently to the getfs‐
       stat() function: Waits for an  update  from  each  file	system	before
       returning  information.	 Information is returned without requesting an
       update from each file system. Thus, some of the information will be out
       of date, but the getfsstat() function will not block waiting for infor‐
       mation from a file system that is unable to  respond.   Points  to  the
       location where the number of mounted file systems is stored.  Points to
       the size of the buffer containing the array of  statfs  structures  for
       all mounted file systems.

       The  getmntinfo()  function  returns  an	 array	of  statfs  structures
       describing each currently mounted file system (see the statfs()	refer‐
       ence  page). The getmntinfo() function takes a struct statfs **mntbufp,
       which it sets to a malloc() ed buffer.

       The getmntinfo() function passes its flags parameter  transparently  to

       The  getmntinfo() function stores information on the malloc() ed buffer
       in a thread-specific buffer. Subsequent calls to this function from the
       same  thread  must  therefore  use the same buffer argument. The buffer
       will be overwritten, and possibly moved, on subsequent calls.

       The getmntinfo_r() function is an obsolete  reentrant  version  of  the
       getmntinfo()  function. Note that you must set the mntbufp parameter to
       NULL before its first access by the getmntinfo_r() function. This  pre‐
       vents the free() function from being called on whatever mntbufp already
       contains by the first getmntinfo_r() call. You must also set  the  mnt‐
       sizep and bufsizep to 0 (zero).

       Upon  successful	 completion, the getmntinfo() function returns a count
       of the number of elements in the array.	Upon  failure,	it  returns  a
       value of 0 (zero) is returned and leaves mntbufp unmodified.

       Upon  successful	 completion,  the  getmntinfo_r()  function stores the
       count of the number of elements in the array into the int pointed to by
       mntsizep	 and  returns  a value of 0 (zero). Upon failure, it returns a
       value of -1.

       If the getmntinfo() or getmntinfo_r() function fails, errno may be  set
       to  the	following:  The mntbufp parameter points to a non-NULL invalid
       address.	 An I/O error occurred while reading from or  writing  to  the
       file  system.   If  the bufsizep parameter is invalid.  If there is not
       enough storage memory in the system.

       Functions: getfsstat(2), statfs(2), mount(2), malloc(3)

       Commands: mount(8)

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