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hbaapi_control_fns(3C)					hbaapi_control_fns(3C)

       hbaapi_control_fns:  HBA_RefreshInformation(),  HBA_ResetStatistics() -
       Fibre Channel SNIA HBA APIs to control the updating of data  for	 Fibre
       Channel adapters


       These  are  Fibre Channel Storage Network Industry Association Host Bus
       Adapter APIs  to	 control  the  updating	 of  data  for	Fibre  Channel

       This function refreshes information about an HBA that has already been
	      opened by a call to

	      The  argument  handle  is	 of  type (refer to and is obtained on
	      opening the adapter.  This function does not return any value.

       This function has been deprecated as per
	      It has no effect and returns no value.  This function  has  been
	      retained for compatibility with other vendors.

	      status = HBA_GetPortStatistics(adapterhandle, portindex, &portstats);
	      if (status == HBA_STATUS_OK) {
		   printf("Port stats successfully obtained.\n");

       Contains all the related data structures and definitions as in

       These FC SNIA HBA APIs were developed by Hewlett-Packard Company.

       HBAAPI(3C),    HBA_GetVersion(3C),   HBA_LoadLibrary(3C),   HBA_FreeLi‐
       brary(3C),     HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters(3C),     HBA_GetAdapterName(3C),
       HBA_OpenAdapter(3C),	  HBA_CloseAdapter(3C),	     HBA_GetAdapterAt‐
       tributes(3C),   HBA_GetAdapterPortAttributes(3C),    HBA_GetPortStatis‐
       tics(3C), HBA_GetDiscoveredPortAttributes(3C), HBA_GetPortAttributesBy‐
       WWN(3C), HBA_SendCTPassThru(3C),	 HBA_GetEventBuffer(3C),  HBA_SetRNID‐
       MgmtInfo(3C), HBA_GetRNIDMgmtInfo(3C), HBA_SendRNID(3C), HBA_GetFcpTar‐
       getMapping(3C),	  HBA_GetFcpPersistentBinding(3C),     HBA_SendScsiIn‐
       quiry(3C), HBA_SendReportLUNs(3C), HBA_SendReadCapacity(3C).


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