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initctl2dot(8)							initctl2dot(8)

       initctl2dot - manual page for initctl2dot

       initctl2dot [OPTIONS]

       Convert initctl(8) output to GraphViz dot(1) format.

       With  no options, initctl(8) will be invoked automatically and the out‐
       put written to file If run from  within  an	 Upstart  user
       session,	 unless	 --system is specified, the data generated will be for
       the user session.

       -f INFILE , --infile=INFILE
	      File to read initctl(8) output from ("initctl show-config	 -e").
	      If not specified, initctl(8) will be run automatically.

       -h     Display usage statement.

       -r RESTRICTIONS , --restrict-to-jobs=RESTRICTIONS
	      Limit  display of start on and stop on conditions to comma-sepa‐
	      rated list of jobs.

       -w OUTFILE , --outfile=OUTFILE
	      File to write output to.

	      Specify color for 'emits' lines.

	      Specify color for 'start on' lines.

	      Specify color for 'stop on' lines.

	      Specify color for event boxes.

	      Specify color for summary text.

	      Specify background color for diagram.

	      Specify color for text in event boxes.

	      Specify color for text in job boxes.

	      Specify color for job boxes.

	      Connect to the Upstart system session.

       --user Connect to the Upstart user session.

       Written by James Hunt <>

       Report bugs at <>

       Copyright © 2011 Canonical Ltd.
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO  warranty;  not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR

       init(8) initctl(8)

Upstart				  2013-03-22			initctl2dot(8)

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