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lan(7)									lan(7)

       lan - network I/O card access information

       This  manual  entry  gives a brief description on how to access the LAN
       device driver at Layer 2 (Data Link Layer)  of  the  OSI	 architecture.
       The  LAN	 device	 driver controls the various LAN interface cards (e.g,
       Ethernet/IEEE 802.3, FDDI, Token Ring) at Layer 1 (Physical Layer).

       The Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI) is  the	supported  method  for
       accessing  the  LAN device driver at Layer 2.  DLPI is intended for use
       by knowledgeable network users only.  Refer to the  for	complete  pro‐
       gramming details.

       There  are HP and non-HP drivers and interface cards which will provide
       their own DLPI module.	 These	types  of  DLPI	 are  referred	to  as
       "native" DLPI.

       The  Physical  Point  of	 Attachment  (PPA)  is	a numerical value that
       uniquely identifies  a  particular  device.    The  PPA	value  can  be
       obtained from the and commands.	 The "ClassInstance" identifier in the
       output is the concatenation of the driver class (lan) and the PPA  num‐
       ber.   The "NamePPA" identifier in the output is a concatenation of the
       interface name and the PPA number.  The	value  for  a  lan  device  is
       equivalent to the PPA number for that device.

       A single hardware device may have multiple "NamePPA" identifiers, which
       indicates multiple encapsulation methods supported for to  the  device.
       For Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 links, the "Name" is used to designate Ethernet
       encapsulation, and for  IEEE  802.3  encapsulation.   For  other	 links
       (FDDI, Token Ring), only the encapsulation designation is used.

       Methods	of  transfer  over  the DLPI interface through the lan devices
       include "raw", "connectionless", and "connection-oriented" data	trans‐

       The  and	 commands  are deprecated. These commands will be removed in a
       future HP-UX release.  HP recommends the	 use  of  replacement  command
       nwmgr(1M) to perform all network interface-related tasks.

       was developed by HP.

       lanscan(1M), lanadmin(1M), linkloop(1M), nwmgr(1M).

       1995, Hewlett-Packard

       Version 2.0, November 1982, Digital Equipment Corporation, Intel Corpo‐
       ration, Xerox Corporation

       1996, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

       1996, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

       1995, ANSI

       1995, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

       1995, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers


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