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listen(2)							     listen(2)

       listen - listen for connections on a socket

       To  accept  connections,	 a  socket  is first created using a queue for
       incoming connections  is	 activated  using  and	then  connections  are
       accepted using applies only to unconnected sockets of type SOCK_STREAM.
       Except for AF_VME_LINK, if the socket has not been  bound  to  a	 local
       port before is invoked, the system automatically binds a local port for
       the socket to listen on (see inet(7F)).	For  sockets  in  the  address
       family  AF_CCITT	 and AF_VME_LINK, the socket be bound to an address by
       using before connection establishment can continue, otherwise an	 error
       is returned.

       A listen queue is established for the socket specified by the s parame‐
       ter, which is a socket descriptor.

       backlog defines the desirable queue  length  for	 pending  connections.
       The  actual queue length may be greater than the specified backlog.  If
       a connection request arrives when the queue is full,  the  client  will
       receive an error.

       backlog	is  limited  to	 the range of 0 to which is defined in is cur‐
       rently set to 4096.  If any other value is specified, the system	 auto‐
       matically  assigns the closest value within the range.  Note that for a
       backlog of 0 specifies only 1 pending  connection  is  allowed  at  any
       given  time.   For  a  backlog  of 0 specifies no further connection is

   X/Open Sockets Compilation Environment
       See xopen_networking(7).

       Call-acceptance can be controlled by the call described	in  Upon  suc‐
       cessful	completion,  returns  0;  otherwise, it returns −1 and sets to
       indicate the error.

       fails if any of the following conditions are encountered:

	      s			  is not a valid file descriptor.

	      The socket	  s has not been bound to an address by using

	      s			  is a valid file descriptor but it is	not  a

	      The socket referenced by
				  s does not support

	      The socket has been shut down or is already connected.

       Linking	binary	objects	 compiled  to specification and binary objects
       compiled to specification to the same executable may  result  in	 unex‐
       pected  behavior,  including application abnormal termination and unex‐
       pected socket errors.  See xopen_networking(7) for details and remedy.

       Currently, the default behavior is the however, it might be changed  to
       in  a  future release.  At that time, any behavior that is incompatible
       with might be obsoleted.	 Applications that conform to the X/Open spec‐
       ification now will avoid migration problems (see xopen_networking(7)).

       was developed by HP and the University of California, Berkeley.

       accept(2),   connect(2),	 socket(2),  thread_safety(5),	xopen_network‐
       ing(7), inet(7F).


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