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lppasswd(1)			  Apple Inc.			   lppasswd(1)

       lppasswd - add, change, or delete digest passwords.

       lppasswd [ username ]
       lppasswd -a [ -g groupname ] username
       lppasswd -x username

       lppasswd	 adds,	changes, or deletes passwords in the CUPS digest pass‐
       word file, passwd.md5. When run by a normal user, lppasswd will	prompt
       for  the	 old  and new passwords.  When run by the super-user, lppasswd
       can add new accounts (-a username),  change  existing  accounts	(user‐
       name),  or  delete  accounts (-x username) in the digest password file.
       Digest usernames do not have to match local UNIX usernames.

       lppasswd supports the following options:

       -g groupname
	    Specifies a group other than the default system group.

       The lppasswd command is installed setuid to root. While	every  attempt
       has  been  made	to  make  it  secure against exploits that could grant
       super-user privileges to unprivileged users, paranoid  system  adminis‐
       trators	may  wish to disable or change the ownership of the program to
       an unprivileged account.

       lp(1), lpr(1),

       Copyright 2007 by Apple Inc.

20 March 2006		  Common UNIX Printing System		   lppasswd(1)

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