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lsdev(1M)							     lsdev(1M)

       lsdev - list device drivers in the system

       driver | class] block_major] char_major] major] [major ...]

       The  command  lists,  one  pair	per line, the major device numbers and
       driver names of device drivers configured into the system and available
       for  invocation	via special files.  A in either the block or character
       column means that a major number does not exist for that type.

       If no arguments are specified, lists all drivers	 configured  into  the

       If  the option is specified, will not print a heading.  This option may
       be useful when the output of will be used by another program.

       The and options are used to select specific device drivers for  output.
       If more than one option is specified, all drivers that match the crite‐
       ria specified by those options will be listed.	These  search  options
       are  divided  into  two	types:	name search keys (the and options) and
       major number search keys (the and options).  If both types  of  options
       are  present, only entries that match both types are printed.  The same
       type of option may appear more than once on the command line with  each
       occurrence  providing  an  ORing	 effect	 of that search type.  The and
       options may not be specified at the same time.

       The ability to process major arguments is  provided  for	 compatibility
       and functions like the option.

	      List device drivers that match

	      List device drivers with the name

	      List device drivers with a block major number of

	      List device drivers with a character major number of

	      List device drivers with either a character
				  major number or block major equal to major.

       The    and options may not be specified at the same time.

       A major number is malformed or out of range.

       To output entries for all drivers in the class:

       To  output  entries  that  are in the class that have either a block or
       character major number of

       To get the character major number of into a shell environment variable:

       Some device drivers available from the system may be intended  for  use
       by  other drivers.  Attempting to use them directly from a special file
       may produce unexpected results.

       A driver may be listed even when the hardware requiring the  driver  is
       not  present.   Attempts	 to  access a driver without the corresponding
       hardware will fail.

       only lists drivers that are configured  into  the  currently  executing
       kernel.	 For  a	 complete  list	 of available drivers, please run (see

       Since relies on the device driver information provided  in  a  routine,
       may not list drivers installed by other means.

       was developed by HP.


       Section 7 entries related to specific device drivers.


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