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MK_CMDS(1)							    MK_CMDS(1)

       mk_cmds - error table compiler

       mk_cmds file

       Mk_cmds converts a table listing command names and associated help mes‐
       sages into a C source file suitable for use with the ss(3) library.

       The source file name must end with a suffix of ``.ct''; the  file  con‐
       sists of a declaration supplying the name of the command table:

       command_table name

       followed by entries of the form:

       [ request | unimplemented ] name, " string "[, abbrev]...;

       and a final


       to indicate the end of the table.

       A  C  source file is generated which should be compiled and linked with
       the object files use the ss library.

       A ``#'' in the source file is treated as a comment character,  and  all
       remaining text to the end of the source line will be ignored.

       Since  the original mk_cmds uses a very simple parser based on yacc(1),
       and this current version of mk_cmds  uses  an  awk/sed  combination  of
       scripts, its error recovery leaves much to be desired.

       ss (3)

E2FSPROGS			     2003			    MK_CMDS(1)

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