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mktemp(1)							     mktemp(1)

       mktemp - make a name for a temporary file

       directory_name] prefix]

       makes  a	 name  that is suitable for use as the pathname of a temporary
       file, and writes that name to the standard output.  The name is	chosen
       such  that  it does not duplicate the name of an existing file.	If the
       option is specified, a zero-length file is created with	the  generated

       The name generated by is the concatenation of a directory name, a slash
       the value of the environment variable truncated to − 6 characters,  and
       the process ID of the invoking process.

       The directory name is chosen as follows:

	      1.   If the option is specified, directory_name is used.

	      2.   Otherwise,  if the environment variable is set and a string
		   that would yield a unique name can be obtained by using the
		   value  of  that variable as a directory name, this value is

	      3.   Otherwise, if a string that would yield a unique  name  can
		   be obtained using as the directory, is used.

	      4.   Otherwise, (current directory) is used.

       If  the option is specified, prefix is used instead of the value of the
       environment variable for name generation.

       returns zero on successful completion  and  non-zero  if	 syntax,  file
       access,	or  file creation errors were encountered or a unique pathname
       could not be generated.

       mktemp(3C), umask(1).


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