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ndd(1M)								       ndd(1M)

       ndd - network tuning

       network_device parameter

       network_device parameter value


       The  command allows the examination and modification of several tunable
       parameters that affect networking operation and	behavior.  It  accepts
       arguments on the command line or may be run interactively.

       The  option  displays all the supported and unsupported tunable parame‐
       ters that provides in the following categories: ARP, IP,	 IPSEC,	 IPV6,
       IPV6 Neighbor Discovery (ND), RAWIP, RAWIP6, SOCKET, TCP, and UDP.

       The tunable parameters in each category may be accessed with the proper
       valid network_device name.  The network_device name is referred	to  as

       The  valid  network_device  names (and their associated parameter cate‐
       gories) are:
	      (IP and IPSEC),
	      (IPV6, IPV6 Neighbor Discovery, and IPSEC v6),
	      (TCP), and

       Set parameter to to get a list of  parameters  for  a  particular  net‐

       Get the value of the
			   parameter for network_device and print the value to
			   standard output.  Returned numbers are always  dis‐
			   played as decimal strings.

       Set		   parameter for network_device to value.

			   All	times are specified in milliseconds; for exam‐
			   ple, 240000 for 4 minutes.	Unless	stated	other‐
			   wise,  numbers  are	assumed	 to be in decimal. Use
			   "0x" prefix to specify hexadecimal values.

			   In general, all tunable parameters are  global;  in
			   other  words, they affect all instances of the net‐
			   work module. Some settings take effect immediately,
			   while  others  are  used  to initialize data for an
			   instance and will only affect newly opened streams.

       Display all the supported tunable parameters.
			   This set of parameters  are	supported  by  HP  and
			   detailed  descriptions  of these tunable parameters
			   are available through the parameter command.

       Display all the unsupported tunable parameters.
			   This set of parameters are not supported by HP  and
			   modification	 of  these  tunable parameters are not
			   suggested nor recommended.  Setting any unsupported
			   tunable  parameters	on  your  system may result in
			   adverse effects to your networking operations.

       When		   parameter is specified, a detail description of the
			   parameter,  along  with  its	 minimum, maximum, and
			   default value are displayed.	 If  no	 parameter  is
			   specified,  it  displays  all  supported and unsup‐
			   ported tunable parameters.

       Read input from the configuration file
			   and set the tunable parameters.  A user may specify
			   tunable  parameters	in  the	 nddconf configuration
			   file, and these parameters will  be	set  automati‐
			   cally each time the system boots.

       When  the  command  fails,  an error message is printed to the standard
       error and the command terminates with an exit value of one.

       Care must be used when setting parameters for a	network_device.	  Set‐
       ting  a	tunable	 parameter  to	an  inappropriate  value can result in
       adverse affects to your networking operations.

       To get help information on all supported tunable parameters:

       To get a detail description of the tunable parameter,

       To get a list of all TCP related parameters:

       To get the current value of the tunable parameter,

       To set the value of the default TTL parameter for UDP to 128:

       Contains tunable parameters that will be set  automatically  each  time
       the system boots.

       was developed by HP.


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