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       /etc/opiekeys - OPIE database of user key information

       The  opiekeys  file contains user information used by
       the OPIE software to authenticate users. The opiekeys
       file   is   backwards   compatible   with  the  S/Key
       /etc/skeykeys database file, but only if the  hashing
       algorithm (MD4 and MD5) is the same between S/Key and
       OPIE (i.e., MD5 OPIE cannot use MD4 S/Key keys).	 The
       opiekeys	 file  consists	 of  six fields separated by
       spaces (tabs are	 properly  interpreted,	 but  spaces
       should be used instead) as follows:

       Field	     Description
       name	     User's login name.
       sequence	     User's sequence number.
       seed	     User's seed.
       key	     User's last response (hex).
       date	     Last change date.
       time	     Last change time.

       ftpd(8)	    login(1),	   opie(4),	opiekeys(5),
       opiepasswd(1), opieinfo(1), su(1),

       Bellcore's S/Key was written by Phil  Karn,  Neil  M.
       Haller, and John S. Walden of Bellcore. OPIE was cre‐
       ated at NRL by Randall Atkinson,	 Dan  McDonald,	 and
       Craig Metz.

       S/Key  is a trademark of Bell Communications Research

       OPIE is discussed on the Bellcore "S/Key Users" mail‐
       ing list. To join, send an email request to:


7th Edition	      January 10, 1995		 OPIEKEYS(5)

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