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rlog(1)								       rlog(1)

       rlog - print log messages and other information on RCS files

       [options] file ...

       prints information about RCS files.  Files ending in are RCS files; all
       others are working files.  If a working file is given,  tries  to  find
       the  corresponding  RCS	file  first  in	 directory then in the current
       directory, as explained in rcsintro(5).

       prints the following information for each  RCS  file:  RCS  file	 name,
       working file name, head (i.e., the number of the latest revision on the
       trunk), access list, locks, symbolic names,  suffix,  total  number  of
       revisions,  number  of revisions selected for printing, and descriptive
       text.  This is followed	by  entries  for  the  selected	 revisions  in
       reverse chronological order for each branch.  For each revision, prints
       revision	 number,   author,   date/time,	  state,   number   of	 lines
       added/deleted  (with  respect  to the previous revision), locker of the
       revision (if any), and log message.  Without options,  prints  complete
       information.  The options below restrict this output.

       recognizes the following options:

	      Print information about revisions
			     whose  check-in  date  and	 time  fall within the
			     ranges given by the semicolon-separated  list  of
			     dates.   A range of the form or selects the revi‐
			     sions that	 were  deposited  between  d1  and  d2
			     (inclusive).   A range of the form or selects all
			     revisions dated d or earlier.   A	range  of  the
			     form  or  selects all revisions dated d or later.
			     A range of the form d selects the single,	latest
			     revision  dated  d	 or  earlier.	The  date/time
			     strings d, d1, and d2 are in the format explained
			     in	 co(1).	  Quoting is normally necessary, espe‐
			     cially for and Note that the separator is a semi‐

	      Print only     RCS  file	name,  working file name, head, access
			     list, locks, symbolic names, and suffix.

	      Print information about locked revisions.
			     If the  comma-separated  list  lockers  of	 login
			     names  is given, only the revisions locked by the
			     given login names are printed.  If	 the  list  is
			     omitted, all locked revisions are printed.

	      Ignore	     RCS  files	 that have no locks set; convenient in
			     combination with or

	      Print information about revisions given in  the  comma-separated
			     revisions	of  revisions  and  ranges.   A	 range
			     rev1-rev2 means revisions rev1  to	 rev2  on  the
			     same  branch,  means revisions from the beginning
			     of the branch up to and including rev, and	 means
			     revisions	starting  with	rev to the head of the
			     branch containing rev.  An	 argument  that	 is  a
			     branch  means  all	 revisions  on that branch.  A
			     range of branches	means  all  revisions  on  the
			     branches in that range.

	      Print only the name of the
			     RCS  file;	 convenient  for translating a working
			     file name into an RCS file name.

	      Print information about revisions
			     whose state attributes match one  of  the	states
			     given in the comma-separated list states.

	      Print the same as
			     plus the descriptive text.

	      Prints information about revisions checked in by users
			     whose  login  names  appearing in the comma-sepa‐
			     rated list logins.	 If  logins  is	 omitted,  the
			     user's login is assumed.

       prints the intersection of the revisions selected with the options and

       Print  the  names  of all RCS files in the subdirectory named that have

       Print the headers of those files:

       Print the headers plus the log messages of the locked revisions:

       Print complete log information:

       Print the header and log messages of all	 revisions  checked  in	 after
       1:00am on December 25th, 1991:

       Print  the header and log messages of those revisions that were created
       between 10:00am and 2:00pm on July 4th, 1992:

       The exit status always refers to the last RCS file operated  upon,  and
       is 0 if the operation was successful, 1 if unsuccessful.

       was developed by Walter F. Tichy.

       ci(1),  co(1),  ident(1),  rcs(1), rcsdiff(1), rcsmerge(1), rcsfile(4),


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