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SDLCOMP(1)							    SDLCOMP(1)

       sdlcomp	-  a  program that checks and compiles the class specification

       sdlcomp [-maxclass <value>] specification_file [logfile_set  [logfile]]

       sdlcomp	checks	the  class specification file for errors. If no errors
       are found, it adds the class and metric descriptions to the description
       file  in the logfile set you name.  It also sets up the pointers in the
       logfile set's root file to the logfile to be used for data storage.  If
       either the logfile set or the logfile does not exist, the compiler cre‐
       ates one.

		      The name of the file containing the class specification.
		      If  it is not in the current directory, it must be fully

       logfile_set    The name of the logfile set this class should  be	 added
		      to.  If  the logfile set does not exist, it will be cre‐
		      ated.  If the logfile set name is not  fully  qualified,
		      it  is  assumed  to be in the current directory. You can
		      keep logfile sets anywhere you choose  as	 long  as  you
		      specify  the  location  correctly	 when  configuring the
		      agent. If no logfile set is  named,  compilation	errors
		      are  written  to	stderr	and no logfile set is created.
		      Compile without a logfile set name first	to  check  for
		      compilation  errors before actually creating the logfile
		      set.  You can redirect stderr to a file for later	 view‐
		      ing.   Class  and metric names and numeric IDs that have
		      been previously used in the logfile set will  not	 cause
		      compilation  errors  until you run sdlcomp with the log‐
		      file set option.

       logfile	      The logfile in the set that will contain	the  data  for
		      this class.  If the datafile named does not exist, it is
		      created. If a datafile with this	name  exists  to  hold
		      other  classes,  the  new	 class	is added to it.	 If no
		      datafile is named, a new datafile	 is  created  for  the
		      class  and automatically named. Only classes with unlim‐
		      ited CAPACITY must be in separate datafiles.

       -maxclass      Allows you to specify the maximum number of  classes  to
		      be  provided  for when creating a new logfile set.  This
		      option is ignored if it is used  with  the  name	of  an
		      existing	logfile	 set.	Each additional class consumes
		      about 500 bytes of disk space in overhead,  whether  the
		      class is used or not.  The default is 10 if -maxclass is
		      not specified.

       -verbose	      Prints a detailed description of the compiler output  to

       -u	      Allows you to log more than one record per second.

       Note: Use this option to log unsummarized data only.

       sdlcomp -vers  displays the version of this program.

       sdlcomp -?     displays	options	 for  this  program.   If  your system
		      interprets ?  as a wildcard character,  use  an  invalid
		      option such as -xxx instead of -?.

       dsilog(1), sdlgendata(1), sdlutil(1).


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