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       sdlgendata  -  a program that generates random data for testing the DSI
       logging process.

       sdlgendata logfile_set class [options]

       sdlgendata generates random data which matches your DSI class  specifi‐
       cation  so  you can test the logging process.  Before you begin logging
       data, you should test the logging process by piping test data from sdl‐
       gendata	to  the	 dsilog	 process, invoking dsilog with the -vi option.
       Data and errors are written to stdout.  Press CTRL C to stop data  gen‐
       eration.	  You  can  also use the -vo option of dsilog to examine input
       and summarized output for your real data without actually logging it.

       Use the following command to pipe data from sdlgendata to  the  logging

       sdlgendata logfile_set class | dsilog logfile_set class -s
       <seconds> -vi

       logfile_set    is  the  name  of	 a  logfile set created by compiling a
		      class specification.

       class	      is the name of the class you want to generate data for.

       -timestamp n   provide a timestamp as described in the data class.   If
		      n is missing or negative, use the current time.  If n is
		      positive, begin with 0 time and increment by n.

       -wait n	      wait n seconds between records generated.

       -cycle n	      recycle data after n cycles.

       sdlgendata -vers
		      displays the version of this program.

       sdlgendata -?  displays options	for  this  program.   If  your	system
		      interprets  ?   as  a wildcard character, use an invalid
		      option such as -xxx instead of -?.

       dsilog(1), sdlcomp(1), sdlutil(1).


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