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setprivgrp(1M)							setprivgrp(1M)

       setprivgrp - set special privileges for groups

       groupname [privileges]




       The  command associates a group with a list of privileges, thus provid‐
       ing access to certain system capabilities for members of	 a  particular
       group or groups.	 The privileges can be displayed with the command (see

       Privileges can be granted to individual groups, as defined in the file,
       and globally for all groups.

       Only a superuser can use the command.

   Options and Arguments
       recognizes the following options and arguments:

	      privileges     One or more of the keywords described below in

	      groupname	     The name of a group defined in the file named The
			     current privileges for  groupname,	 if  any,  are
			     replaced  by the specified privileges.  To retain
			     prior privileges, they must be respecified.

	      Specify global privileges that apply to all groups.
			     The current privileges, if any, are  replaced  by
			     the  specified privileges, To retain prior privi‐
			     leges, they must be respecified.

	      If no	     privileges are specified, delete  all  privileges
			     for all groups, including global privileges.

			     If	 one  or more privileges are specified, delete
			     the specified privileges from the current	privi‐
			     lege  lists  of  all groups, including the global
			     privilege list, but  do  not  delete  unspecified

	      Set the privileges according to entries in the file
			     file.  This file is usually The entry formats are
			     described below in

   Privileged Capabilities
       The following system capabilities can be granted to groups:

	      Can use	     to change file ownerships (see chown(2)).

	      Can use	     to set locks on files that are open  for  reading
			     only (see lockf(2)).

	      Can use	     to	 lock  process	text and data into memory, and
			     the function to lock shared memory segments  (see
			     plock(2) and shmctl(2)).

	      Can use	     to set real-time priorities (see rtprio(2)).

	      Can use	     and  to  set  POSIX.4  real-time  priorities (see

	      Can use	     to force the target process to run serially  with
			     other processes that are also marked by this sys‐
			     tem call (see serialize(2)).

	      Can use	     and to change, respectively, the real user ID and
			     real  group  ID  of  a process (see setuid(2) and

	      Allows certain administrative operations in the Process
			     Resource Manager (PRM) product.  See  that	 prod‐
			     uct's documentation for more information.

	      Allows certain administrative operations in the Instant
			     Capacity (iCAP) product.  See that product's doc‐
			     umentation for more information.

	      Can change system pset configuration (see

	      Can use	     to	 change	 processor  binding,  locality	domain
			     binding  or  launch  policy  of  a	 process  (see

   Group Privileges File Format
       The file specified with the option should contain one or more lines  in
       the following formats:

	      groupname [privileges]



       They are described above in "Options and Arguments".

       exits with one of the following values:

	      Successful completion.

       was developed by HP.

       SEE ALSO
	      getprivgrp(1),	chown(2),    getprivgrp(2),   lockf(2),
	      plock(2), rtprio(2), rtsched(2), serialize(2), setgid(2),
	      setuid(2),  shmctl(2),  mpctl(2),	 pset_create(2),  priv‐


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