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setrules(1M)							  setrules(1M)

       setrules - set compartment rules


       takes  the current rules files on the system and puts them into effect.
       Prior to using this command, changes in the rules files have no	effect
       on the system.  This command can only be used when compartmentalization
       is enabled (see cmpt_tune(1M)).

       recognizes the following option:

	      Preview the rules.
		   This option parses the rules files, checking for syntax and
		   semantic errors, but makes no changes to the system.

   Security Restrictions
       The  user  invoking  this command must have one of the following autho‐

       A user with authorization can invoke this command from any compartment,
       while a user with authorization can invoke this command from only those
       compartments that have read and write access to the  directory  heirar‐

       See authadm(1M)).

       If  a  compartment is tagged for automatic discovery of rules using the
       keyword subsequent runs of command does NOT clear the  rules  that  are
       already discovered.  This means the rules applied are inconsistent with
       the rules currently in the directory.  To make them  consistent,	 first
       run  "",	 and  then run where, compartment_name is the name of the com‐
       partment which is under for discovery mode and file.rules is the	 rules
       file containing the rules for this compartment.

       returns the following values:

	      Successful completion.
		     The rules are displayed.

	      An error occurred.
		     An error can be caused by the following:
		     ·	An invalid option.
		     ·	The  user  does	 not having permissions to perform the
		     ·	A syntax or semantic error in a rule file.
		     ·	Other system errors (for example, insufficient	system

       Example 1: Execute to push the configured rules:

       Example 2: Execute to push syntactically incorrectly configured rules:

       Sample Output:

       Error: "/etc/cmpt/11.cmpt.1.rules", line 10 # Unexpected token 'web' \
       or rule terminated prematurely setrules: Exiting due to parse errors

       Example	3:  Execute setrules to find any syntactically or semantically
       incorrectly configured rules:

       Sample Output:

       Error: "/etc/cmpt/iface.rules", line 10 # Undefined compartment "ooutside".
       Error: "/etc/cmpt/iface.rules", line 14 # Undefined compartment "cgi".

       authadm(1M),  cmpt_tune(1M),  getrules(1M),  compartments(4),  compart‐


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