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snmp_hostres(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual	       snmp_hostres(3)

     snmp_hostres — host resources module for bsnmpd(8)

     (begemotSnmpdModulePath."hostres" = /usr/lib/

     The snmp_hostres module implements the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB as standardized
     in RFC 2790.

     Not all information in the MIB is meaningful in FreeBSD or is available.
     The following variables are not implemented or carry no information:

	     There are several types of file systems for which no appropriate
	     OID exists yet which are supported by FreeBSD.  For smbfs, procfs
	     and devfs , hrFSOther is returned.	 In all other cases,

	     It is questionable what bootable means here.  Does it mean that
	     the BIOS is available to start a boot on that file system or does
	     it mean that there is something bootable?	In either case this
	     information is not available so this variable returns True for
	     the root file system (which is not necessarily correct) and False
	     for all others.

     hrFSLastFullBackupDate, hrFSLastPartialBackupDate
	     This is not available and always returns an empty string.	Theo‐
	     retically, this could be retrieved from /etc/dumpdates, which
	     would hardly be correct given the different ways of doing back‐

	     Floppy devices are currently not reported.	 Also the names of the
	     disks are hard-coded in the module.

	     The description of the MIB tree implemented by snmp_hostres.



	     This is the MIB that is implemented by this module.

     gensnmptree(1), snmpmod(3)

     Victor Cruceru ⟨⟩

BSD				January 3, 2006				   BSD

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