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SPELL(1)							      SPELL(1)

       spell, sprog - find spelling errors

       spell [ options ] ...  [ file ] ...

       aux/sprog [ options ] [ -f file ]

       Spell looks up words from the named files (standard input default) in a
       spelling list and places	 possible  misspellings—words  not  sanctioned
       there—on the standard output.

       Spell  ignores  constructs  of troff(1) and its standard preprocessors.
       It understands these options:

       -b     Check British spelling.

       -v     Print all words not literally in the spelling list, with deriva‐

       -x     Print  on standard error, marked with every stem as it is looked
	      up in the spelling list, along with its affix classes.

       As a matter of policy, spell does not admit multiple spellings  of  the
       same word.  Variants that follow general rules are preferred over those
       that don't, even when the unruly spelling is  more  common.   Thus,  in
       American	 usage, `modelled', `sizeable', and `judgment' are rejected in
       favor of `modeled', `sizable', and `judgement'.	Agglutinated  variants
       are  shunned:  `crewmember'  and	 `backyard'  cede to `crew member' and
       `back yard' (noun) or `back-yard' (adjective).

	      American spelling list

	      British spelling list

	      The actual spelling checker.  It expects one word	 per  line  on
	      standard input, and takes the same arguments as spell.

	      the script

	      source for sprog


       The  heuristics	of deroff(1) used to excise formatting information are

       The  spelling  list's  coverage	is  uneven;  in	 particular   biology,
       medicine, and chemistry, and perforce proper names, not to mention lan‐
       guages other than English, are covered very lightly.

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