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t_rcvudata(3)							 t_rcvudata(3)

       t_rcvudata() - receive a data unit from remote transport provider user

       The function is used in connectionless-mode to receive a data unit from
       a remote transport provider user.  The argument fd identifies the local
       transport endpoint through which data will be received.	unitdata holds
       information associated with the received data unit.  flags  is  set  on
       return  to  indicate that the complete data unit was not received.  The
       argument unitdata points to a structure containing the  following  mem‐

       The  type  structure is defined in the or header file.  This structure,
       which is used to define buffer parameters, has the following members:

       maximum byte length of the data buffer

       actual byte length of data written to buffer

       points to buffer location

       The maxlen field of addr, opt and udata must be set before calling this
       function to indicate the maximum size of the buffer for each.

       On  return  from	 this call, addr specifies the protocol address of the
       sending user, opt identifies protocol-specific options that were	 asso‐
       ciated  with this data unit, and udata specifies the user data that was

       By default, executes in the synchronous operating mode.	 The  function
       waits  for  data	 to  arrive  at the transport endpoint specified by fd
       before returning control to the transport user who  called  this	 func‐
       tion.  However, when the transport endpoint, specified by the fd param‐
       eter, has the option set by or function, the function executes in asyn‐
       chronous	 mode.	In asynchronous mode, when a data unit is unavailable,
       control is immediately returned to the caller.

       If the buffer defined in the udata  field  of  unitdata	is  not	 large
       enough  to  hold	 the  current data unit, the buffer will be filled and
       T_MORE will be set in flags on return to indicate that  another	should
       be  called  to retrieve the rest of the data unit.  Subsequent calls to
       will return zero for the length of the address and  options  until  the
       full data unit has been received.

   Valid States
   Fork Safety
       is not fork-safe.

       Upon  successful	 completion,  a	 value of 0 is returned.  Otherwise, a
       value of −1 is returned and is set to indicate the error.

       On failure, is set to one of the following:

       [TBADF]		   The specified file descriptor does not refer	 to  a
			   transport endpoint.

       [TNODATA]	   was	set, but no data units are currently available
			   from the transport provider.

       [TBUFOVFLW]	   The number of bytes allocated for the incoming pro‐
			   tocol address or protocol options is not sufficient
			   to store the information.  The unit	data  informa‐
			   tion normally returned in unitdata is discarded.

       [TLOOK]		   An  asynchronous  event has occurred on this trans‐
			   port endpoint required immediate attention.

       [TNOTSUPPORT]	   This function is not supported  by  the  underlying
			   transport provider.

       [TOUTSTATE]	   (XTI	 only)	The  function  was issued in the wrong
			   sequence on the transport  endpoint	referenced  by

       [TSYSERR]	   A  system  error  occurred during execution of this

       [TPROTO]		   (XTI only) This error indicates that	 a  communica‐
			   tion	 problem has been detected between XTI and the
			   transport provider for  which  there	 is  no	 other
			   suitable XTI (

       fcntl(2),  t_alloc(3),  t_open(3), t_optmgmt(3), t_rcvuderr(3), t_sndu‐
       data(3), thread_safety(5).


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