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utmpd(1M)							     utmpd(1M)

       utmpd - user accounting database daemon

       user  accounting	 database daemon, manages the user accounting database
       which is the database of currently logged-in users.   This  was	previ‐
       ously maintained by and files on HP-UX.

       Upon  startup, writes its pid to the file Applications can add, update,
       or query entries into the database using the APIs.  See the  getuts(3C)
       manual page for more information.

       utmpd(1M)  takes	 care of synchronizing the legacy file and its own in-
       memory database.	 The synchronization is bi-directional from the	 data‐
       base  to the and from the file to database.  However, this synchroniza‐
       tion does not happen in real time.  There is a  time  lag  which	 could
       span  from a few seconds on a lightly loaded system to a few minutes on
       a heavily loaded system.

   Signal Processing
	      Perform graceful shutdown.

			     This causes the daemon  to	 write	its  in-memory
			     user accounting database to the file and exit.

       logs error messages to the system log using syslog(3C).

       If is shutdown using synchronization between file and the file does not
       take place.  should not be shutdown by the user unless it is for debug‐
       ging  purpose.	On  restart,  utmpd(1M) rebuilds its database from the

       was developed by Hewlett-Packard Company.

       rlogind(1),  telnetd(1),	 who(1),  init(1M),  bwtmps(3C),   getuts(3C),
       getutx(3C), btmps(4), utmp(4), utmpx(4), wtmps(4).


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