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zjsdecode(1)							  zjsdecode(1)

       zjsdecode - Decode a ZjStream into human readable form.

       zjsdecode [options] <zjs-file

       zjsdecode decodes a ZjStream into human readable form.

       A  ZjStream  is	the  printer  language used by some Minolta/QMS and HP
       printers, such as the 2300DL and LJ-1000.

       More information on Zenographics ZjStream can be found at:


       These are the options that can appear on the command line.

       -d basename
	      Basename of .pbm file for saving decompressed planes.

       -r basename
	      Basename of .jbg file for saving raw planes

       -h     Print hex file offsets.

       -o     Print file offsets.

       -p     Don't do 4 byte padding

       -D level
	      Set Debug level [0].

       Decode an ZjStream file created by foo2zjs.

       $ zjsdecode < testpage.zm
       ZJT_START_DOC, 3 items
	       ZJI_PAGECOUNT, 0 (0x0)
	       ZJI_DMDUPLEX, 1 (0x1)
	       ZJI_QUANTITY, 1 (0x1)
       ZJT_START_PAGE, 17 items
	       ZJI_0x17, 0 (0x0)
	       ZJI_0x16, 1 (0x1)
	       ZJI_VIDEO_X, 10200 (0x27d8)
	       ZJI_VIDEO_Y, 6600 (0x19c8)
	       ZJI_VIDEO_BPP, 1 (0x1)
	       ZJI_RASTER_X, 10200 (0x27d8)
	       ZJI_RASTER_Y, 6600 (0x19c8)
	       ZJI_OFFSET_X, 0 (0x0)
	       ZJI_OFFSET_Y, 0 (0x0)
	       ZJI_NBIE, 1 (0x1)
	       ZJI_RESOLUTION_X, 1200 (0x4b0)
	       ZJI_RESOLUTION_Y, 600 (0x258)
	       ZJI_DMDEFAULTSOURCE, 7 (0x7)
	       ZJI_DMCOPIES, 1 (0x1)
	       ZJI_DMPAPER, 1 (0x1)
	       ZJI_DMMEDIATYPE, 1 (0x1)
	       ZJI_MINOLTA_PAGE_NUMBER, 1 (0x1)
       ZJT_JBIG_BIH, 0 items
	       Data: 20 bytes
		       DL = 0, D = 0, P = 1, - = 0, XY = 10200 x 6600
		       L0 = 128, MX = 16, MY = 0
		       Order   = 3  ILEAVE SMID
		       Options = 92  LRLTWO TPDON TPBON DPON
		       52 stripes, 0 layers, 1 planes
       ZJT_JBIG_BID, 0 items
	       Data: 65536 bytes
       ZJT_JBIG_BID, 0 items
	       Data: 29120 bytes
       ZJT_END_JBIG, 0 items
       ZJT_END_PAGE, 0 items
       ZJT_END_DOC, 0 items


       foo2zjs-wrapper(1), foo2zjs(1), jbg2pbm(1)

       Rick Richardson <rick.richardson@comcast.net>


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