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2780e(1)							      2780e(1)

       2780e - spooler for the IBM 2780 emulator

       2780e [-m] [-a] [-q] [-b] [-t] [-Sfile] [-#num] file... [-o file...]

       The command puts the files named as arguments, along with a single con‐
       trol file that guides each file's execution, into and  calls  the  pro‐
       gram.  This program sends the files to the IBM system.

       The  following  options	may be needed to format data transmitted to an
       IBM system.

       -#   Waits for num files to be received as output from  job  and	 gives
	    default file names in the form Ruseridpid.

       -a   Send  file	as  a  priority job. Used only by the superuser.  This
	    file will be placed ahead of the next regular file or at  the  end
	    of other priority jobs.

       -b   Transmits  the  file to an IBM system that accepts multiple record

       -m   Notifies user by mail that file was sent and output was received.

       -o   Name output files with specified file names.  This option must  be
	    at the end of the command line.  Anything listed after this option
	    is interpreted as an output file name.

       -q   Prepares the file for transmission and places it in but  does  not
	    call 2780d to transmit.

       -S   Sends  contents  of	 file  to  the IBM as a sign-on card.  If this
	    option is not specified, a default sign-on card in the spool  area
	    is used.

       -t   Sends  data	 in  transparent  mode.	 This option is used for files
	    which contain special control or protocol characters.

       /etc/2780d	      Program that transmits files.

       /usr/spool/rje	      Spool directory

			      Temporary file for incoming files

See Also
       2780d(8), 3780e(1)

				      VAX			      2780e(1)

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