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DXmGetLocaleString(3X)					DXmGetLocaleString(3X)

       DXmGetLocaleString  -  Provides	locale-sensitive Motif compound string
       version of Toolkit ASCII default values.

       XmString DXmGetLocaleString(context, string, word_type)
		 I18nContext   context;
		 char	       *string;
		 I18nWordType  word_type;

       Reserved for future use. (Null value passed.)   Null-terminated	string
       specifying  the ASCII string value whose locale sensitive version is to
       be retrieved (for example, the string "OK").  Specifies the type	 (part
       of  speech) of a word in the string, as indicated by one of the follow‐
       ing values:


	      Value	      Description


	      I18NADJECTIVE   The word is an adjective.

	      I18NADVERB      The word is an adverb.

	      I18NNOUN	      The word is a noun.

	      I18NVERB	      The word is a verb.


       The DXmGetLocaleString routine provides a locale-sensitive  Motif  com‐
       pound  string  version of Toolkit ASCII default values, such as "OK" or
       "Cancel".  You can specify the part of speech (adjective, adverb, verb,
       or noun) associated with each word in the string.

       A pointer to the Motif compound string containing the value.


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