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DXmSvnDisableDisplay(3X)			      DXmSvnDisableDisplay(3X)

       DXmSvnDisableDisplay  - Temporarily disables the SVN widget from gener‐
       ating a display.

       void DXmSvnDisableDisplay (widget)
	     Widget  widget;

       The identifier (widget ID) of the SVN widget.

       The  DXmSvnDisableDisplay  routine  allows  your	 application  to  make
       changes	to  the SVN widget without the user making additional changes.
       For example, the DXmSvnDisableDisplay routine must be called  when  the
       user  has  selected to either expand or collapse an entry in the struc‐
       ture.  No further user actions will be processed (because the SVN  wid‐
       get  is	temporarily  disabled) until that expand or collapse operation
       has been completed and the DXmSvnEnableDisplay routine has been	called
       (which  re-enables  the SVN widget and makes the changes visible to the

       The kinds of changes that can be implemented while the widget  is  dis‐
       abled  include  the  following:	Calling the DXmSvnSelectAll or DXmSvn‐
       ClearSelections routine to change selections Calling  the  DXmSvnAddEn‐
       tries or DXmSvnDeleteEntries routine to change the underlying structure
       Changing the appearance of an entry (adding highlighting	 or  sensitiv‐
       ity, for example)

       This  routine  is required only when the changes are not in response to
       an SVN callback.	 (The SVN widget automatically disables the SVN widget
       prior to issuing the callback and automatically enables the widget upon



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