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DESKTOP(1)							    DESKTOP(1)

     desktop - customization panel for setting Desktop resources


     This reference page describes the Desktop customization panel, which is
     part of the IRIX Interactive Desktop software.  For information about the
     entire IRIX Interactive Desktop environment and about the
     XUSERFILESEARCHPATH environment variable, see the IID(1) man page.

     The desktop customization panel allows the user to set certain resources
     applicable to the file manager (fm) and the IRIX Interactive Desktop

     The desktop panel can be run from a Unix shell command line or from the
     toolchest (Desktop > Customize > Desktop).	 Like most other customization
     panels, the desktop panel has the ``runonce'' feature, meaning only one
     instance of the application will run at one time.	Attempting to launch
     the application a second time will have the effect of deiconifying the
     application window or popping it to the top on the current desk.

     The following resources are configurable via the desktop customization

	 Background Icon Size
	 Align to Grid			   (on/off)
	 System & Desktop Sounds
	 Default Viewer & Editor Utilities
	 Default File Permissions
	 Show Icons as Thumbnail Images	   (on/off)
	 Show Launch Effect		   (on/off)
	 Make "Remove" Delete Instantly	   (on/off)
	 Warn On File Overwrite		   (on/off)
	 Display Application Errors	   (on/off)
	 Enable Remote Display		   (on/off)

     The Enable Remote Display toggle was introduced in IRIX 6.3.  It controls
     access to the display during the current user's login session.  See the
     disableXhost(1) reference page for information on all the ways to set
     remote display in the IRIX Interactive Desktop.

     There is an ambiguity in that the Desktop panel does not show the current
     display access status but instead shows the user's preferred status at
     login.  This may be revisited in a future release.

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DESKTOP(1)							    DESKTOP(1)


     In IRIX 6.5, the desktop panel sends messages to the file manager by
     saving settings to the special FmState file in the $HOME/.desktop-
     <hostname> directory, where <hostname> is the result of running the
     hostname(1) command.  The file manager detects when this file changes and
     applies the settings in the desktop environment.  The FmState file is not
     meant to be altered by end users directly.

     Most settings on this panel are saved in the .Sgiresources file.  Other
     resources are saved in the Desktop file.  An xhost(1) command is saved in
     the panelsession file.

     If the user has a .Xdefaults or .Xresources file that contains resource
     settings that the customization panel modifies, that file's settings will
     take precedence over the settings that the customization panel keeps in
     .Sgiresources or $HOME/.desktop-<hostname>/desktopenv.

     fm(1), ftr(1), IID(1), xhost(1), disableXhost(1), dtSounds(1),
     dtUtilities(1), hostname(1)

     Because specific icon types can be set to not use the visual launch
     effect or the launch sound (see ftr), icons of those types will never
     exhibit the launch effect or play the launch sound when they are double-
     clicked, even when the dtSounds(1) Desktop Sounds toggle or the Show
     Launch Effect toggle is checked.  For example, none of the device icons
     uses the visual launch effect, and none of the sound icons uses the
     launch sound.

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