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HTML::AsSubs(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation      HTML::AsSubs(3)

       HTML::AsSubs - functions that construct a HTML syntax tree

	use HTML::AsSubs;
	$h = body(
		  h1("This is the heading"),
		  p("This is the first paragraph which contains a ",
		    a({href=>'link.html'}, "link"),
		    " and an ",
		    img({src=>'img.gif', alt=>'image'}),
	print $h->as_HTML;

       This module exports functions that can be used to construct various
       HTML elements. The functions are named after the tags of the correpond‐
       ing HTML element and are all written in lower case. If the first argu‐
       ment is a hash reference then it will be used to initialize the
       attributes of this element. The remaining arguments are regarded as

       For a similar idea (i.e., it's another case where the syntax tree of
       the Perl source mirrors the syntax tree of the HTML produced), see
       HTML::Element's "new_from_lol" method.

       For what I now think is a cleaner implementation of this same idea, see
       the excellent module "XML::Generator", which is what I suggest for
       actual real-life use.  (I suggest this over "HTML::AsSubs" and over
       ""'s HTML-making functions.)

       This module was inspired by the following message:

	Date: Tue, 4 Oct 1994 16:11:30 +0100
	Subject: Wow! I have a large lightbulb above my head!

	Take a moment to consider these lines:

	%OVERLOAD=( '""' => sub { join("", @{$_[0]}) } );

	sub html { my($type)=shift; bless ["<$type>", @_, "</$type>"]; }

	:-)  I *love* Perl 5!  Thankyou Larry and Ilya.

	Tim Bunce.

	p.s. If you didn't get it, think about recursive data types: html(html())
	p.p.s. I'll turn this into a much more practical example in a day or two.
	p.p.p.s. It's a pity that overloads are not inherited. Is this a bug?

       The exported link() function overrides the builtin link() function.
       The exported tr() function must be called using &tr(...) syntax because
       it clashes with the builtin tr/../../ operator.

       HTML::Element, XML::Generator

Private Functions

       The _elem() function is wrapped by all the html 'tag' functions. It
       takes a tag-name, optional hashref of attributes and a list of content
       as parameters.

perl v5.8.8			  2006-08-04		       HTML::AsSubs(3)

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