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MrmFetchBitmapLiteral(3X)	   OSF/Motif	     MrmFetchBitmapLiteral(3X)

       MrmFetchBitmapLiteral - Fetches a bitmap literal from a hierarchy

       #include <Mrm/MrmPublic.h>

       Cardinal MrmFetchBitmapLiteral(hierarchy_id, index, screen,
				display,    pixmap_return,    width,   height)
	    MrmHierarchyhierarchy_id;			      String	index;
	    Screen    *screen;				   Display   *display;
	    Pixmap    *pixmap_return;	      Dimension *width;		Dimen‐
       sion *height;

       The MrmFetchBitmapLiteral function fetches a bitmap literal from an MRM
       hierarchy, and converts the bitmap literal to an X pixmap of  depth  1.
       The  function  returns this pixmap and its width and height.  Specifies
       the ID of the UID hierarchy that contains the specified	icon  literal.
       The  hierarchy_id  was returned in a previous call to MrmOpenHierarchy‐
       PerDisplay.  Specifies the UIL name of the  bitmap  literal  to	fetch.
       Specifies  the  screen used for the pixmap.  The screen argument speci‐
       fies a pointer to the Xlib structure Screen which contains the informa‐
       tion  about  that  screen  and is linked to the Display structure.  For
       more information on the Display	and  Screenstructures,	see  the  Xlib
       function	 XOpenDisplay  and  the	 associated screen information macros.
       Specifies the display used for the pixmap.  The display argument speci‐
       fies  the connection to the X server.  For more information on the Dis‐
       play structure,	see  the  Xlib	function  XOpenDisplay.	  Returns  the
       resulting  X  pixmap  value.   Specifies	 a pointer to the width of the
       pixmap.	Specifies a pointer to the height of the pixmap.

       This function returns one of these status return constants:  The	 func‐
       tion  executed successfully.  The hierarchy ID was invalid.  The bitmap
       literal was not found in the hierarchy.	The caller tried  to  fetch  a
       literal of a type not supported by this function.  The function failed.

       MrmFetchIconLiteral(3X), MrmFetchLiteral(3X), and XOpenDisplay(3X11).


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