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alarm(3)							      alarm(3)

       alarm - schedule signal after specified time

       #include <unistd.h>

       unsigned alarm(seconds)
       unsigned seconds;

       The  subroutine	causes	signal SIGALRM, see to be sent to the invoking
       process in a number of seconds given by the argument.  Unless caught or
       ignored, the signal terminates the process.

       The  requests are not stacked.  Successive calls reset the alarm clock.
       If the argument is 0, any request is canceled.  Because	of  scheduling
       delays,	resumption  of	execution  of when the signal is caught may be
       delayed an arbitrary amount.  The longest  specifiable  delay  time  is
       100000000  seconds.  Values  larger  than  100000000  will  be silently
       rounded down to 100000000.

       The return value is the amount of  time	previously  remaining  in  the
       alarm clock.

       When your program is compiled using the System V environment, rounds up
       any positive fraction of a second to the next second.

       When your program is compiled using  the	 POSIX	environment,  takes  a
       parameter of type unsigned, and returns a value of type unsigned.

See Also
       getitimer(2), sigpause(2), sigvec(2), signal(3), sleep(3)


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