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ap(8mh)								       ap(8mh)

       ap - parse addresses RFC 822-style

       /usr/lib/mh/ap  [ -form file ] [ -format string ] [ -help ] [ -[no]nor‐
       malize ] [ -width columns ] addrs ...

       The program parses addresses according to the ARPA  Internet  standard.
       It also understands many non-standard formats.  It is useful for seeing
       how MH will interpret an address.

       The program treats each argument as one or more addresses,  and	prints
       those  addresses	 in the official RFC 822 format.  Hence, it is usually
       best to enclose each argument in double quotes (") for the shell.

       In addition to the standard escapes,  also  recognizes  the  additional
       escape  error,  which  is  a  diagnostic	 that is returned if the parse

       -form file
		 Overrides the default output format of The output is  format‐
		 ted  according	 to  the  instructions	in the specified file.
		 This must be a format file; see

       -format string
		 Overrides the default output format of The output is  format‐
		 ted  according	 to  the instructions in the specified string.
		 This must be a format string; see

		 The argument to the -format option must be interpreted	 as  a
		 single	 token by the shell that invokes Therefore, you should
		 usually place the  argument  to  this	option	inside	double
		 quotes (").

       -help	 Prints a list of the valid options to this command.

		 Tells	to  try to find the official host name of the address.
		 This is the default behavior.	It can be suppressed using the
		 -nonormalize option.

       -width columns
		 Specifies the width of the screen in columns.

       The defaults for this command are as follows:

	      -width defaults to the width of the terminal

       On systems where MH is configured with the BERK option, address parsing
       is not enabled.

       This is the default format string used by
       %<{error}%{error}: %{text}%|%(proper{text})%>
       If an error was detected, this string instructs to print the  error,  a
       colon  (:),  and	 the  address that is in error.	 Otherwise, output the
       proper RFC 822 format of the address.

       User profile.

       System customization file.

See Also
       mh-format(5mh), dp(8mh)
       Standard for the Format of ARPA Internet Text Messages (RFC 822)


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