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ar(5)									 ar(5)

       ar - archive (library) file format

       #include <ar.h>

       The  archive  command,  combines	 several files into one.  Archives are
       used mainly as libraries to be searched by the link-editor

       A file produced by has a magic string at the  start,  followed  by  the
       constituent  files,  each  preceded by a file header.  The magic number
       and header layout as described in the include file are:
       #define	 ARMAG	   "!<arch>0
       #define	 SARMAG	   8

       #define	 ARFMAG	   "`0

       struct ar_hdr {
	    char ar_name[16];
	    char ar_date[12];
	    char ar_uid[6];
	    char ar_gid[6];
	    char ar_mode[8];
	    char ar_size[10];
	    char ar_fmag[2];

       The name is a blank-padded string.  The ar_fmag field  contains	ARFMAG
       to  help	 verify	 the presence of a header.  The other fields are left-
       adjusted, blank-padded numbers.	They are decimal except	 for  ar_mode,
       which  is  octal.  The date is the modification date of the file at the
       time of its insertion into the archive.

       Each file begins on a even (0 mod 2) boundary; a new-line  is  inserted
       between	files if necessary.  Nevertheless, the size given reflects the
       actual size of the file exclusive of padding.

       There is no provision for empty areas in an archive file.

       The encoding of the header is portable across machines.	If an  archive
       contains printable files, the archive itself is printable.

       File names lose trailing blanks.

See Also
       ar(1), ld(1), nm(1)

				      VAX				 ar(5)

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